Thursday, October 20, 2005


Will be off the whole day editing.

See you guys.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


To Here. Update bookmarks please!!!

But I'll post here as well, if you guys want me to. :p

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???

Overheard this morning over FLY FM (95.8 in the Klang Valley, guys)

There will be a new ministerial post created. This post will look after one of the most important things in life. Especially in the Parliament between long sittings.

There will be a Minister of Toilets for the Parliament. According to the rationale, the reason behind that is because about RM99 million was recently spent on refurbishing the Parliament, but the toilets were still atrocious. Please excuse me, the next section's in white to spare you all my cussing.


We now return to a little bit more of sanity.

What is the taxpayers' money going to? Why is it that they couldn't fix the toilets during the refurbishment? And for the record, I heard that the Minister will be in charge of the PARLIAMENT Toilets only. If he was in charge for nationwide then can la. BUT ONLY PARLIAMENT?

Excuse me while I answer nature's call. *Sarcasm deliberate*

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

On being manja

Manja is the Malay term for something like wanting to be spoiled or pampered. Thanks to my current moodswings, that’s exactly how I feel now. I want to be manja-ed, and I do not like that feeling. I know, I know, it’s normal to feel like that once in a while, but while they are comfortable with it, I’m not.

I like the idea, but I just don’t want to be manjaed. Well… I suppose I will be when it comes to Saturday. I just want to be held and cuddled, that’s all. And to know that I’m comfy and safe and secure enough with a certain someone to fall asleep in their arms…

Monday, October 17, 2005

Search Tips

One of the biggest problems we have in facing the Internet is the sheer amount of information that’s available. Sometimes when you’re searching, Google, Wikipedia and even The WayBack Machine don’t seem to turn up any results. In these cases, it’s always important to remember to try a different approach.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I’ve seen two requests for song translations in the past five days. It could be that I just have too much time or energy to focus on something like this, but I’d like to point out that when the accurate word search fail, look for associations.

Basically, read through the search results you get. Find out the common theme binding them together and see if you can trace them back. For instance, a search on Siam Shade’s Time’s turned up the Romaji translation, but nothing else. A search of the Album name though (provided by Anime Lyrics) turned up more. A little bit of tweaking the Google searches brought up a site with the album lyrics. Click on link, and VOILA! You have the translation to said song.

If anyone wants to know, yes, that is the main reason why I cannot find my links and articles that I read anymore. Basically when I do research, I used to always read them online, quote them in said article, and then completely forget to get the URL before heading home. When I checked in next, said website was lost in cyberspace.

Now I simply print them out and do the linking the hard way… If I use them at all.

Yes, I’m procrastinating. And yes, I have two news pieces that need to be written. And yes, I have an unfinished PR report. And yes…I’m going clinically insane.


Note(s) to Self

1. Never, EVER insult the religion. *Headdesks, followed by sound of glass breaking* I can't believe that I forgot that cardinal rule. I be dork. Forgetting my own rule... *headdesks again*

2. When in doubt, NEVER EVER leave the footage capturing to the next day. At least not when you have the opportunity to finish everything in one day.

3. Being politically correct can make all the difference, no matter how silly it may sound.

4. You cannot be friends with EVERYone.

5. Being bitchy once in a while is alright, but biting heads off is too much.

6. Being hormonal is not an excuse.

7. Being stupid is.

8. Kicking a football is NOT a phallic excerise. 'Sides you might scare someone off.

9. Did I mention that being tired and hormonal is not an excuse?

10. Your timing and words suck. And to think that you just about managed to get him to be civilized to you too.

Meme that scares me for the accuracy

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to good manners and elegance. In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You’d like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring. You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please. Your ideal relationship is lasting.

You want a relationship that looks to the future… one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment. You think of marriage as something precious.

You’ll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You’ll do anything for love, but you won’t fall for it easily.

Illuminating post

For guys. Highlight to read if the bkrg is white. Bear in mind that I'm trying to expunge most of the trivia I collected when I was about 10-15 years old, so please keep an open mind while you're reading, ya? Oh, and did I mention that this was trivia that I collected? So if my facts are off, tell me where and when. Girls, comment if you think that I messed up a fact or something. BTW, for some people, this may be considered "dirty," so I would really recommend you NOT to read this till AFTER Ramadhan. I do not want to be accused of corrupting more than I already have. ^_^


The period, also known as the post-ovulation period for a female, is one that most females fear, and with good reason. Most guys know that a period's basically the body expunging blood after ovulation, but do you know why?

During ovulation, the female body prepares itself for the baby by lining the uterus with a thick layer of blood vessels that are disposed if fertilization does not occur during ovulation. This is the reason for the blood.

And now we go into the reason why periods are evil and why women complain of soreness and pain.

1. We're discharging BLOOD.

2. Blood clots. Unfortunately, for some of us, the blood vessels from the previous month was not discharged fully, so when the new one forms under it and is then discharged, the pain can be excruiating, to say the least.

3. Due to 2, the level of pain and discomfort felt by women may vary. That's why some females are absolute b****es at this time, while others have a shorter temper.

4. Hot water helps. Anything to relax the muscles. Unfortunately, most of us work in a cold environment. Any wonder why we hate air-cons?

5. Bleh.

Thank you for reading. ^_^


Will be offline most of the day. Make that week.

Dear, since you're off on Sat, you're following me to Bee's bday party ya. :) Love you.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


TRIPOD NEEDED FOR CAMERA BY 1PM TODAY (Saturday, 15 October, 2005 in PJ, Malaysia)!!!!!!!


Will return by Sunday morning!


Friday, October 14, 2005


I have an acquaintance who pisses me off.


He makes comments that just piss me off. I mean, what is wrong if a woman's on the phone everyday? If you think she has a BF, why not ask her to her face? Why talk behind her back? I also find it very hard to sympathize with the fact that your groupmates find you troublesome. And I normally sympathize with the person I'm speaking to.

And what's wrong with being sarcastic? I'm sorry if you don't like it, but I happen to like sarcasm. And if you have a problem with female drivers, don't follow Ah Bee's car la then! No one's really forcing you to. Why are you complaining when she's made it clear from the beginning?



My baby is one year older today.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING!!! *Hugs and kisses*

And I don't care that you don't like your birthday. I like it.

Love you darling.



If you guys are wondering about my outburst, here's the reason why. I waited an extra three hours in college yesterday for Bee. She was supposed to attend this meeting ("They were waiting for the call," sounds like The Apprentice- Sukina) and it turns out that since it was so late, they would have the meeting tomorrow. We ended up going home at about 8pm. Those who were fasting were the ones who suffered the most.

This is a student's POV of how they can improve on their... sterling performance (talking about management):

  • Set a cut-off time. C'mon, you know His Royal Ass Highness doesn't really place meeting his employees at the top of the list unless the competition's a week away. CUT THEM SOME SLACK HERE! Tell them that after a certain time, they should go home.

  • Why not walk around and see how your staff are doing rather than calling them down? It's not their fault that they're up at the top of the building.

  • Your designers are human. You obviously aren't. They are also young. Just because you want to spend all your spare time kissing up to his Royal Assness do not want to have a life, doesn't mean they want to be like you.

  • Here's a reason why people leave the organization so frequently: You're not taking care of your employees. They're your best assets, but unfortunately you seem to think that they're your asses (as in the animals).

  • You apparently, have no consideration for anyone but yourselves.

  • You have a lot of PR people on campus. USE THEM, FOR GOODNESS' SAKE!!! Wait, I forgot he's cheap.

  • Meh.
  • Thursday, October 13, 2005

    A silly little post about sex

    Mainly cause I don't think that there's anyone who's truly suci reading this blog. :p

    Sex is one of the most basic instincts any warm-blooded animal might have. If your species has two genders, you move faster than a snail 75% of the time, and you do a double take when you see someone of the opposite gender that is physically attractive from your point of view (in other words, lust), then yes, you're a warm-blooded animal. Now that we've gotten the definitions out of the way, let's continue, shall we?

    Since it forms a major part of our thirst for life, you have to remember this: The need/drive for sex is the highest when we're in our prime, because that is the best time for our bodies to handle the burden of having children. Yes, I'm talking mainly about females.

    The very interesting thing about sex is that while the male may ejaculate in a relatively short period of time, it takes much longer for a proper orgasm. What is an orgasm to a male? That, I have to admit, I have no idea, being a female. (That particular sentence comes from dim memory. I have no idea where I actually picked it up). However, most of you would know that it's not that easy for a woman to reach orgasm. At least not the mind-blowing ones.

    Why am I writing this? Mainly because it's 7.40pm in the evening and Bee is still trying to kidnap the other flower (Malar) so that we can all go home. Yes, I am bored.

    I am film student,, HEAR ME RANT!

    Please read this before you comment.

    And then tell me whether it makes sense.

    Ask anyone involved in film and they'll tell you that Malaysia cannot support the local film industry. According to the esteemeed minister, he says that out of 15 films, only one is local. Before we talk about the extreme lopsidedness of it, let me point out the reason why local films do not make it in Malaysia. Not from the fact that it is being produced, but why if you show a local film, producers cannot survive. That's why we import foreign films in the first place.

    1. Censorship. This is such an old thing that I refuse to write anything more about it. If you guys insist though, I will. But later.

    2. The locally produced movies, with the exception of Sepet tend to be these kinds of Malay sappy love stories that do not make any chronological sense.

    3. The ones that do make sense, often do not find enough viewers here to warrant more than a 2 week showing (Sepet was lucky, it got one month, I think). Mainly because the Malaysian public don't watch locally produced movies.

    4. I have no idea what I'm rambling about. Oh, maybe they should do this: They should force these idiots to watch the local films and then decide whether to impose a levy. Most local films are substandard, and it will take me a lot to watch them.

    Misc Update

  • Thanks to my baby, I now have Yuutsu Na Seven Days in my head. Here's the clincher: I now have a chapter for Nano dedicated to that song running through my head. Got to go and scold the muses again.

  • Congratulations to Malar for appearing in the Star's KL Metro section!!! That one's for the Piala Seri Endon. ^_^

  • I realise that I don't like a certain colleague because she reminds me of someone.

  • I know that I find another friend annoying because while he can be late, Bee can't. Wonder if he has consideration for anyone else but himself.

  • I love Leo/Serge. Don't ask me why, I just do.

  • Bee's 21st BDAY present is most likely going to be Desperate Housewives and downloads. ^_^
  • Tuesday, October 11, 2005


    Knock yourself out.


    To Elaine, I'm sorry as well. For my defence:

    I also did not have my coffee. I was going nowhere on my PR assignment, and I was feeling quite unwell (though not at that particular time) when I got home.

    Ended up talking to Leo/Serge before I finished up the last bit of my assignment. Now I reference and finish talking crap. Gods I hope it makes sense.

    Monday, October 10, 2005


    Someone finally guessed the meaning of Geminian Eyes.

    Most of you know that I wear spectacles, and Gemini times 2 =4. So it means Foureyes. I was also born under the zodiac star of Gemini, so there were two meanings.

    So Legendary Kyle, WATCH OUT FOR YOUR PRIZE!

    *Has no idea what to send, but will figure it out!*

    Sunday, October 09, 2005

    Waiting in Amcorp

    For my bro to finish off his football training. Am bored as hell.

    Will now go and talk to Louisa after my 30 mins is up.


    Saturday, October 08, 2005

    Random, crossposted to Geminian Eyes

    There’s something very sensual and satisfying about running your fingers through your hair when it’s about half-dry and you’re sitting in front of a slow-moving fan.

    Extra: I am NOT abandoning my blogspot. I'm just going to post twice. Mainly because it's easier to find things on WP.

    No one wants to guess the significance of Geminian Eyes yet? I promise an actual physical prize to whoever guesses, and if you're overseas, I WILL send it to you. ^_^

    Friday, October 07, 2005

    This is so interesting, I have to blog about it

    And laugh.

    Apparently when you use Google's blogsearch engine to look up hacking, my blog comes up first.


    Can I stop laughing now? *Is in a gigglefit*

    Drooling over sites

    Damn, but it looks good.

    So drool-worthy.

    *Clears throat*


    In about two weeks or so (after all the madness that is the college assignments die down) I shall be migrating to wordpress.

    Mainly because I've seen the size of my blogspot and it scares me. But this blog shall be kept.

    Just to warn you guys, in case you were wondering what Geminian Eyes was all about.

    Oh, and I'll give a prize to whoever can guess what Geminian Eyes mean. ^_^ And I mean it.



    For the last time people.

    Hacking is NOT malicious. In fact, hacking tends to be carried out with the permission of the person being hacked. Hacking generally means that you are hacking to test out security systems and the like. Google tells me:

    Originally, a hacker was a term of respect, used among computer programmers, designers, and engineers. The hacker was one who created original and ingenious programs. Unfortunately, the current popular meaning of the term is used to describe those who break into systems, destroy data, steal copyrighted software, and perform other destructive or illegal acts with computers and networks. (from UVM Engineering College)

    Crackers are the ones who are malicious. They are the ones who cause trouble. Damnit, will someone set the media straight???

    Wait. I'm working in the field. Damn.


    My baby's site has been hacked. WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT???

    Baby, please switch on your phone.

    Thursday, October 06, 2005

    Rainy Post

    Someone once said to me:

    Rain is the only thing that can join the earth and the sky.

    If you saw the rain outside right now, nothing could be more right.

    And yes, I love the rain.

    Let the rain fall
    Let it cleanse the world
    Let my spirit soar with it
    Answering questions I never knew I had.

    Copyright: Me.

    X-Posted to Geminian Eyes (Editing)

    After being stolen from Edrei. Who is, btw, here

    When and why did you start your daily reads list?
    Just recently, in the past 6 months.

    Do you truly visit your daily reads DAILY?
    Yes. Mainly because I spend about 5 hours a day in front of the computer if it is not a weekend, and I have nothing better to do when research is done.

    Why do you add these people as your daily reads?
    Because they're my friends. They're people that I know personally, or care about deeply. Blogs to us, aren't just a way to voice out our opinions, but to keep in touch.

    How many people are on your daily reads?

    20 plus... But I cheat a little. I use bloglines to keep track of them. :p

    Have you deleted people from your daily reads, if so why?
    Only Lim Kit Siang. Because I nearly fell asleep reading his blog.

    Do you comment on your daily reads DAILY?
    Mostly... Yes. Especially if they seem to be feeling sad. What's wrong with offering hugs?

    How often do you modify your daily reads?

    Um... Never. :p

    Do you link people on your daily reads only because they linked you?

    That really depends. Most of the time, I do if they're close friends or they seem intelligent enough to warrant it.

    Does daily reads have special meaning to you?

    Yes. Look above.

    Are your daily reads mostly female or male?

    Not really. It's who they are.

    What do you get from reading your daily reads?

    I smile, I laugh, I cry. They mean something to me.

    Are you likely to read LONG blog entries from your daily reads?

    If I have the time, yes. I like reading long entries. ^_^

    Do you expect your daily reads to read your blog everyday in return?

    What? No! Considering that half of the things I ramble on about, it'd be a joke if they did.

    Who on your daily reads has the coolest name?

    Silly Beebs. Mainly because it fits her so well! :p

    Who on your daily reads has the coolest layouts?, aka Edrei. I like the way it moves out. However, the simplest layout belongs to Dustyhawk. So easy to navigate. ^_^

    Who on your daily reads is most likely to comment in your blog?
    Right now? Dusty and Kyle. ^_^

    How many people on your daily reads are your friends in "real life"?
    About 75% of them.

    Who is the most intelligent or insightful person?

    So not going there. :p

    Who is the least favorite/most annoying person on your daily reads?
    Used to be Lim Kit Siang. :)

    Who is most likely to give you news about the world or internet? When I bothered to go there.

    Have you ever wanted to meet people on your daily reads?
    Why are you asking such obvious questions?

    Who do you admire the most?

    Peter Tan and Yvonne Foong, for the fact that they're courageous in life.

    Who has an attitude problem?
    So not going there. ^_^

    Who is the funniest?

    Hmm... I'll get back to you on this.

    Who is the sweetest?
    Vivian and Lin.

    Who is the most out-going?

    TIARA!! And Adeliene.

    Whom can you trust the most?
    Ade, Viv, Lin and Tiara. Don't ask why.

    Whom do you know the best?

    Dusty, I believe, and maybe a little about Elaine.

    Whom do you talk to most online?
    When I get them online: Geoff, Kyle, Leo, Viv/Ade and Lin. ^^

    Who is the lastest daily reads you added?

    Lemme check.

    Whose blog do you wish to drool all over on?
    *Smiles mysteriously*

    Whose blog do you enjoy reading the most?
    All, mostly.

    You are least likely to comment on which blog(s)?
    On something that is obviously very personal or needs a good long reply because of the research needed to answer the question.

    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    Reasons why I hate Mac

    (X-Posted to GeminianEyes... For those who know where that is :p)

    1. When you edit and then send the file out as a Quicktime file, it plays on anything but a PC. *Makes a face*

    2. Notoriously slow and lags.

    3. In relation to 3, very badly expensive to maintain. Or, in college's case, not maintained at all.

    4. Anyone who's been to LUCT can agree.


    A geeky post!

    1. Wordpress will not allow me to capitalize even PART of my username. Yes, I know that it's going to be made into small letters anyway, but can't I have it capitalize at some parts just so it looks better? In plain English, that was the reason why it would not let me log into it the better part of the morning.

    2. I hate Macs. With a passion. The next person who tells me that Macs are good will be shot. With a hunting rifle. At close range.

    3. I love Blogspot. Well, blogger actually. So easy to use. Needs more customization though.

    4. Review needed of Prince Caspian by CS Lewis. Such a nice read! Will be starting on The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman next. Incidentally, I've read Ruby in the Smoke by the same guy. That book was quite the enlightening for a 14-year old.

    And now I run to class.


    I'm going to see what the fuss is about @wordpress. Be back later.

    AIM/ICQ: PriestessNaoko

    Tuesday, October 04, 2005


    FTV students not given enough time, talents not given enough sleep, and having to wake up at 5.45am in the morning to shoot is not a good idea.

    It makes some people become very scared of the said FTV students.

    The blogger I'm talking about (and I quote him) says that the footage was "so disturbing that it's scaring my granma."

    Translation: The footage was so scary that it's scaring my graMMER.


    Local politics is intruguing (Edited for Spelling)

    Especially when they make you go: WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT?

    First off:

    Two Barisan MPs are going to be hauled up to the Priviledges Committee for breaking ranks because they supported Lim Kit Siang's motion to refer Rafidah and the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (whose name escapes me now and I can't be bothered to remember) to the said committee.

    I am quite annoyed as not only has the AP issue been brought up enough to make a sane person puke, but it is also quite unneccessary. After all, it is the Minister's fault for not making an appearance in the first place. Furthermore, this just goes to prove that our so-called representatives are not ALLOWED to work together as it could be perceived as breaking ranks and that they are aiding the Opposition. If it's for the betterment of the people, WHY THE HECK NOT?

    And why are our representatives not allowed to question the Government's decisions? They say that these "issues" (yes, I'm talking about the Crimean Uni issue) could have been handled behind closed doors. My question is: Would that information had been made available to the public? I think now.

    On another note, I want to join the PPP (People's Progressive Party). Kayveas alone would be one reason for joining. And he has a point. If you want to know what I'm talking about, read today's News Straits Times.

    My question would have been though: Why is the media picking this up only now?

    End of update, do not expect to see me online for the rest of the day. To all my AIM friends, Gomen/Sorry about that.

    PS: BTW, Notes to:

    Kyle: You know where to reach me. You have my email if you need someone to talk to.

    CN: Sorry about the Hyperness yesterday. ^_^

    AngelViv: Heh... We should. Or we should have a celebration when the Mouse FINALLY finishes that humoungous fanfic of hers that she's been writing for years now.

    Sashi: Heh.

    Silly Me.

    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Annoyed as anything

    Sometimes I wonder whether my family has their head screwed on right. No, I'm not talking about my parents. Anyone will tell you that they're not that sane in the first place, especially when you have a daughter like me. The insanity has to come from somewhere, right?

    In any case though, that's beside point. All my life, I used to think that at least some of my relatives were sane. That two of the people I looked up to were capable of rational thought. Or at least put others before themselves, supposedly setting an example for the rest of us... delinquents.

    It's especially sad when religious figures let you down.

    To put it simply, most of the elder females in my family are religious fanatics. If they're not, they're supersitious. They're also the ones who, if they find out the real me, who will condemn me to Hell for not following the Church's teachings blindly.

    Any wonder why I don't tell them about my new guy?

    I honestly cannot stand them. They seem to recognize so-called values only when it benefits them. All the other times, they do not seem to acknowledge that it exists. According to them, my mother should be looking after my grandmother because "That's what daughters-in-law are for," as in because my mother is Chinese, she's to look after my grandmother. What annoys me is that in the family hierarchy, there's another family that's older and who is supposed to look after her (my grandmother) rather than my mother. But do they admit that?

    I can't wait for that "talk" that my aunt wants to have with me. My brother and me are sick of them using us as weapons against our parents and kowtowing to them.

    400TH POST! WOOT!

    Though I must admit that most of the previous posts were nothing more than one-liners, but I've reached 400 posts! WHEE!! Thus, I shall dedicate this post to saying things to specific people:

    The Three-In-One Personality Guy I'm dating:

    Love you sweets, and damnit, don't stop what you're doing. ^_^

    To the ex who's my friend:

    NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! NOT MY GEEK CARD!! PLEASE FOR... WAITAMINUTE! I've made it clear before that I'm a BOOK geek, NOT a tech geek! GIMMIE MY CARD BACK!!!

    That's why I didn't do research. 'Sides, weren't YOU the one who told me that it would take hackers maybe 3 seconds to break the code?

    To the Flowergirl/s:

    Uh... I don't think I'll be following you till Friday. If I message you, that means I'm following. Unfortunately editing looks like it's going to last the whole week, so... *sniff*

    To the Angel and the Mouse:


    To the Princess:

    Meh... I know now why FTV is so tiring.

    To the friend who wants to be more than a friend but I don't want it to go that way:

    WEI! Assignments first la!

    To my Malaysian Idol Debating Partner:

    We should do it again sometime.

    To the girl who needs a diadem to go together with the Tiara:


    To the Malaysian bloggers who read this journal:

    Comments? :p


    Sunday, October 02, 2005

    Warning: LOVESICK POST

    There's a cat's ears that I want to skritch, but I can't.


    EDIT: The computers in the power station in the Matrix:Reloaded runs on a Windows-based operating system. How else could Trinity have been able to break the password in less then 5 seconds?

    Seriously, time it.

    You sometimes find the oddest things

    When you look through your computer's harddrive. Here's a piece I forgotten that I had. If you're going to pass it aeround, let me know. Cross-posted to Buku Contengan as well.

    “Mama! Mama!” the little girl ran to her mother’s arms. Her mother picked her up and held her close.

    The child was perfect in every way, from the ways her eyes shone with love for her Mother, to her full smile and healthy cheeks. Sounds of laughter and happiness filled the air, but from far away, there was the sound of weeping. While the little girl, dressed all in white, was being cradled by Mother, there were people in black standing around a coffin on a bright summer’s day.

    The minister’s eulogy, while eloquent, did nothing to dispel the listeners’ grief at the passing of a young child. The mother was especially loud in her grief, for the child had been her favourite. When the eldest child came up to speak about his sibling, a hush fell over the crowd. His voice broke, yet he kept on speaking about his sibling, not about the last few minutes of her life, but about the joy and hope she had brought to their lives.

    The body of the child was buried, and the rest of the funeral was simple. According to the wishes of the family, they spoke not about how the child died, but how she lived. The child’s siblings gathered around their mother, whose grief was inconsolable. She wailed, even as two figured walked up to the grave unseen.

    “Mummy…” the little girl wanted to go to her mother, but the Mother held her. “Why does Mummy suffer?” she asked the Mother.

    “The Father wants her to a be a catalyst. He wants her to start moving the world she lives in. Your mummy is a very special person, daughter. She will help save other little girls from bad men,” the Mother held the child close to her.

    “Can I help my mummy?”

    “Yes. You can hold her up when she’s down, cheer her, and most importantly, remind her never to give up. For when all is done, the Father will give you to her as a Reward,” the Mother spoke very gently to the child. “But now, you must learn how to be an Angel, for you must look after your mummy now,” the Mother bore the child away.

    In respectful memory of Nurul Huda Abdul Ghani and other child rape victims.


    Saturday, October 01, 2005

    Goodies in the Budget so far...

    Will be unveiled as I go through the full text speech and the newspapers. First off though:

    1. RM4K Tax rebate per CHILD per YEAR studying at the diploma level and above. WOOT!

    2. Ciggie prices went up. ^_^

    Two links to read to today:

    1. The Plantiff

    2. The Defendent.

    Have fun! Warning though, the entries be the long! Warning though: The first link has some curse words in it, so if you can't get to it because it's blocked, just take out the name of the particular entry.

    Bee: I'll send you the coding once I type it out @home.