Tuesday, November 30, 2004



I don't care what people say. I've given up on Nano, having already done my target. Still, it's a feat... And my charries won't let that document die. Still, I can now focus on my other stories. WOOHOO!!!

And I have so much material to workwith too!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Report on the William Hung and Comedy4U

So for those of you who know, I've been on a quick sojourn to Genting for both a quick vacation and the William Hung Showcase. This is the report on the show:

7.20 PM- Arrived early, treated to the must of most major/cinematic staple: ADVERTISEMENTS. Most of them were about H2O, the current main show @the First World Plaza. The setup of the stage was pretty simple, 7 strobe lights on 3 small and 4 large panels, interspersed with pale green/pink lights. In the center was a baby grand piano, a tall chair, and a mike.

7.30 PM- William Hung walks down from the main entrance, few notice. ARRRGGGHHH!!! Wanted his autograph.

7.50 PM- The Nestle girls are walking around, selling ice-cream. Expensive lor... FYI, among the ads are 2 8TV ads, both about Gary, one about Tuning your TV, and the other about the Drink. I love their ads. :)

8.00 PM- Waiting, and waiting, and waiting... Popcorn... Gone. Cotton candy... *looks at bro* Getting there. ....

8.08 PM- Mist is starting to fall on my... *much* lower right. Starting to get sleepy.

8.21 PM- FINALLY! It's begun!!!!! *Note: False alarm. *

8.30 PM- Finally? The lights have been dimmed and my dad is destroyed. William has just destroyed the Eagles's Hotel California (his favourite song). Apparently, he sounds like a strangled rooster.

Write more later.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Deepavali Celebrations!

Okay, for those of you who know me, I celevrate Deepavali every year with two people; Vidya-aka and Anu-aka. They have been my petsisters since high school and I really love them; they're great friends and girls.

This year's was a little bit tight on the schedule part because I was also invited for the 'Twin Celebrations' of Sam's and Tim's birthday. So I started my day off with brunch at Anu's house. It was delicious, but unfortunately the curry this year was not too hot. I actually took more curry than I did last year (not that I drowned my Itly or anything).

Then it was off to a brisk walk to Pravin's place, where we had some jellies (my bro was with me) and a drink, then off to Vidya-aka's place for lunch (yay! purii!). I discovered that most of my CPORT friends were on Friendster, so we exchanged Ron's add (she's the one with the most contacts from Junior High) and then we left after a nice long catch-up session.

Went to Pyramid, caught Taxi, will write review.

Till then, JA! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Irony of Ironies

Recently during presentation, a laptop went missing. Yours truly was 'called' for a small conference with the teachers because she thought that PERHAPS the culprit had taken the laptop by accident while transferring files. After that was cleared up my aunt messaged me.

She was asking whether I had a laptop.


Monday, November 08, 2004

My dog knows how to pose... And other Misc items

Sigh.... So much to do, so little done...

My dog knows how to pose. Seriously.

And I'm stuck at 6+k words for Nano.

And I'm going to put on weight due to the fact that it's Deepavali this Thurs, and I have both a wedding dinner and a buffet lunch this weekend.


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Hearing Presentations

This is a rare opportunity for me to be able to have internet access while in class. I loe wireless.

BTW, 3.2K words for Nano. WOOHOO! :)

Hearing Presentations

This is a rare opportunity for me to be able to have internet access while in class. I loe wireless.

BTW, 3.2K words for Nano. WOOHOO! :)