Friday, January 07, 2005

Talk about a con job

I don't know whether anyone has noticed it except me and my family, but I think the nine-day survivor who said that he wanted to stay and work in Malaysia because he's lost everything in the tsunami, including his family, is actually a con job. Now, if he had said that he wanted to stay in Malaysia because someone already told him that his family was dead, that I can swallow. If he said that he saw most of his family was gone, that I can swallow. If he said that he hoped to one day return to Aceh, that I can ALSO swallow (Actually you can swallow a lot, can't you?).

But no, he doesn't say any of that. And there was some reports that said that he was found with antibiotics and other medical supplies (forgot who Yeah right) on him when they picked him up. I don't know, but I'm suspicious of this guy.

Care to tell me otherwise? *Please, I really want to be wrong this time.* :)


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