Monday, September 19, 2005

Since Serge said we have to do this:

Seven Things Naoko Plans To Do Before She Dies
- visit the Vatican
- Write an enjoyable fiction/fantasy book
- Not to disappoint those who need me
- Always have enough for not just myself, but the people and causes I care about
- To be able to go through life with the sense and wonder of a child, yet with the maturity needed to understand the other adults
- Collect books, rare ones that give me mental orgasms (details on this later)
- Be with the one I love for eternity

7 Celebrity Crushes
- Orlando Bloom (sucker for pretty faces)
- Marion Zimmer Bradley (R.I.P.)
- Tolkien
- That's all I can think of for now.

7 Often Repeated WORDS/PHRASES
- Yo! How're you?
- What the..? (Followed by either: Hotel or Foxtrot)
- You're kidding me!
- *Headpalm/ facepalm*
- Oh crap. I knew I forgot something.
- God, why me?
- Hmm....

7 Physical Traits Naoko Looks For In the Opposite Sex
- Short hair, or well-kept long hair
- Dresses casually without looking scruffy
- No tummy that can be seen from the front (so gross!)
- Taller than me a little bit
- Well-built, or at least looks fit
- Will let you know when I think of them

Please take this if you can. Especially Viv and Lin. :p


Anonymous Anonymous said...

*Scribbles Level Tokyo on the bottom of Naoko's to do list*

10:53 AM  
Anonymous vivian said...

lol, yes, i will take this. wonder where to post it though...hehe...

3:27 PM  

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