Monday, September 05, 2005

The PG-13 Version of Serge's Challenge

1. I love Malaysia, but I can’t stand politicians, especially Najib.

2. I do not like Jeff Ooi. He’s not impartial enough.

3. I’m of legal age as of this year, but I still live with my parents and I have no job. Yes, I’m a student.

4. Despite the fact that I can probably tell you basics of a computer, I’m more of an Internet geek.

5. My neopet is a Purple Shoyru named Seruling, after the mother of one of my characters.

6. My Gaian Avatar has a fox tail and ears. I’m realistic enough to know that if I got them in real life, they would interfere with my movements greatly.

7. On the note that I’m a geek, I date geeks. Most of my male companions tend to wear glasses, speak with jargon, or have at least one piece of equipment that just screams, “Geeky!!”

8. I’ll cheat a lot. No, not in studies, but shortcuts. If there’s a simpler way to do things, I will.

9. Extension to 8: I’ll do more than one thing at a time if I think I can get away with it. This applies to dates and pseudo-dates.

10. My favourite authors are Marion Zimmer Bradley and the Eddings.

11. Working in a bookstore has spoiled me. Now I want staff discounts always.

12. I love books. So much so that I can get mental orgasms from handling them. Old books especially. (Heck! That happened when I went to the Islamic Arts Museum and saw some really old books… so old that they were bound at the spine with STRINGS. And I squeed).

13. I do not like Dan Brown. The DaVinci Code was a huge rip-off and full of erroneous facts.

14. When I have too much free time, I start imagining scenarios where my friends come into my life and are impressed with my ‘other identity’- alter ego.

15. My alter ego is my muse named Naoko.

16. Extension to 14: Yes, I’m an attention whore.

17. I roleplay so frequently now that I’m starting to talk like my characters to a certain extent.

18. My muses are my characters.

19. I like my keyboard to have sounds when I type. It feels old-fashioned and productive.

20. I read manga and squeal in real life, when I come across characters worthy of being fangirled.

21. Extension to 20: I’m starting to fangirl people in real life. Luckily, most are taller than me and I rarely have the space to glomp them. Saizer notwithstanding. So I squee.

22. My IM conversations normally have me hugging people. In real life, I rarely do, as I’m afraid the hugs could be taken the wrong way.

23. I’m short. At 5ft 4.

24. I used to have okay-sized breasts, but due to drastic weight loss I’ve gone back to my pre-Stella Days. *Sniff*

25. I’m a Catholic.

26. I have about 70 writing items in my stories folder alone. 90% are not even halfway finished.

27. The first piece of writing that I completed was a fanfiction piece. A Mary Sue piece about Trunks. This was followed by one about the Power Rangers.

28. I started writing at 12. Mainly because all my other classmates were doing so.

29. I’m slightly homophobic.

30. The scar on my left eyebrow was received when I played “Catching” with a childhood friend. It freaked my friend out more that it did me. :p

31. I like to talk. About nothing at all.

32. I’m a tomboy.

33. I have, (and I just counted) about ten articles of clothing in my cupboard that might be considered girlish i.e. skirts-related.

34. I do not like skirts. Not a lot. They may make me feel feminine, but they are very impractical as well.

35. I cannot resist writing/language challenges. Hence this post.

36. I randomly profess my love for people when they’ve done something fantastic. Case in point? Friend who introduced me to Fire Emblem.

37. Piracy in my opinion rocks! However, there should be a better way to get software.

38. I am a firm believer that once you’ve made your choices, they cannot be undone.

39. My motto in life is: “Choices made cannot be undone. Unless you’re using a computer. Then hit Ctrl+Z, DAMNIT!”

40. I’m an inconsistent person. I cannot make up my mind when I’m with someone.

41. I’m afraid of offending others so much that I’ll bend over backwards to accommodate them.

42. If I think you’re being an idiot, I’ll say so to your face. Unless you’re a total stranger. Then I’ll just be snarky.

43. I only started sleeping with soft toys about three years ago.

44. My room resembles a war zone. No, I’m not a neat person.

45. The same goes for my mind. I have lots of useless trivia in my head.

46. I tend to try to solve things even though they don’t want me to.

47. I over-rationalise things.

48. I love chocolate. To bits.

49. I meow like an actual cat. This came from trying to play with the cats behind my grandmother’s old home.

50. I’m very immature. I still act like a child at times, though I do not throw tantrums.

51. I run away from things. I’m loyal to those who’ve earned it, but when it’s me facing it I try to avoid it.

52. The above is the reason why a lot of people have thought that I’m a very sweet and innocent (well, maybe not all) but ‘nice’ girl.

53. I am a mainstream person. Yes, I like boybands, I read popular mainstream books (which is how I fell into reading The DaVinci Code).

54. I’m a fan of buffets.

55. Despite 80, I do not put on weight from eating a lot. Fast metabolism and all.

56. When I’m bored and I have pen and paper, I start writing random stories.

57. I get high off sugar. Or, as some say, sugar gets high on me.

58. I like eating ebikko and pasta.

59. I create pups for Sages on the spur of the moment. Simply because I can.

60. My muses live in my head. However, some of them are NOT personifications of aspects of myself. Sukina, the shy, elegant one, is an example.

61. Kurama from Yuyu Hakusho was my first bishie love. This was followed by Cho Hakkai of Saiyuki and Satoshi Hiwatari/Hikari of DNAngel. That should give you an inkling of type of guys I like.

62. I’m an Eurasian who looks Chinese when I speak English, Chinese to the Malay people I talk to, and Malay to the Chinese people. Anak Malaysia woot!

63. I do not find poetry very interesting. The kinds I like tend to be storylike.

64. I love FireFox. Mainly because of the tab options.

65. That said, I think Google is the best thing since Air.

66. I’m such a forgetful person that I can forget what was said to me three seconds after it’s was repeated… For the third time.

67. Oddly enough, I can remember conversations held like three years ago in vivid detail, including positions of speakers, venue, probable DAY and time. (Which explains why I have a lot of useless information in my head).

68. I love going to the beach more than the mountainside.

69. Once I give my loyalty to someone, nothing can change it unless you betray me.

70. Hair colour: dark brown to auburn, depending on the light.

71. I keep my hair long to irritate my mother.

72. I was raised by my grandmother until I was 15.

73. I do not like handbags as I’ve been snatch thieved before. So I stuff things in my pockets. Hence the reason why I prefer wearing pants.

74. (FINALLY!) I sleep like a log at times


Blogger Serge Norguard said...

thanks god for juicy bits

2:32 PM  
Blogger Naoko said...

Oh hush you!

2:36 PM  
Blogger Serge Norguard said...

i will not hush

2:41 PM  
Blogger Tiara said...

13 - facts can't be erroneous :P

29 - :(

57 - oi that's me, not you...

12:56 PM  
Blogger Naoko said...

29. I said slightly. Used to be worse. *Huggles*

57. Not according to Uncle Yiliang. :p

1:06 PM  
Blogger Serge Norguard said...

*blink* *blink*

3:38 PM  

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