Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Happiness is Joy

Okay, the past three posts have been filled with my complaints about my relatives and my parents. This week, though, I’ve found something new. I was reading through the Catholic News, a Singapore publication for the Catholic Church, and I came across some really interesting quotes. Of course, this is just to cover up the fact that at the moment I have nothing noteworthy to write so… heheh:

“Decide to be cheerful. Render others cheerful. “ (Hmm… looks at relatives)

“Praise the whole creation with your cheers.” (Don’t believe me? Look around you. Look at the people around you. If you’re outside, take a deep whiff of the air. If you’re outside in city on the road, look at the children instead. There’s something to be said for the innocuous, naïve way children, flora and fauna alike praise God.)

“Be a rock against sadness, pessimism and hopelessness.” (Here’s a twist on a saying: Are you the waves or are you the rock? Are you part of the problem or the solution?)

“Switch on and keep on all the cheerful buttons in yourself.” (BE HAPPY, CHEERFUL AND ENTHUSIASTIC- I think.)

“Whistle, sing and smile at life, feel like dancing.” (Need I say more?)

“See the bright glory of God everywhere and everyone.” (See the second quotation.)

“Say yes to life, immensely, cheerfully, ecstatically and enthusiastically.” (Don’t exist, but LIVE!)

Bring your precious contribution to the happiness and ascent of humankind.” (Uh… I’m a little stumped here ;p)

“Believe in the immortality and everlasting effects of your goodness.” (When you throw a stone into a pool the ripples will last forever.)

And the conclusion:

“If you do this you will honour God and attain the highest goal of Christianity.”

Christians are called to serve God with a light, cheerful heart. After all, what could be better than bringing joy into someone’s life? Joy is the one thing you cannot have too much of, next to love, of course.

Write some more soon!


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